Fina’s tips: Milan is trendy… again!

Few words are needed to define the Milan International Furniture Fair 2016: STYLE, DESIGN, LUXURY and GREATNESS.

As always, it never disappoints. The sets are unique. And “the big ones”, of course, are always ready to surprise with their proposals. A huge variety of styles that may or not suit our tastes, but they have definitely not left us indifferent.

However, aside haute couture, there are also many proposals and sources of inspiration for the general public.

Analysing these trends that also fit our segment; we still see hard wood both natural and dyed in warm halftones. Noble and natural materials are used in soft and clean shapes. Especially in tables, we find many envelopes made of porcelain and marble combined with wood or metal.

The upholstery is another great proposal in this fair. Apart from neutral and natural tones that are always a safe bet, the most innovative brands are using colors like mustard, green and orange.