Geometry is imposed as one of the trendy prints of the season. Chairs which take all kinds of shapes to be upholstered are a proof of this: triangles, stripes, diamonds and dots as well as hexagonal shapes that remind us of honeycombs.


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New designs

LaForma signs up for geometry classes: Danai, Harmon and Roxie chairs, which combine quality and trends, add to their design new geometric prints. Those are pieces made of ash wood with different padded colors that fit into any space, whatever the style is.

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Geometry games

Playing with geometry adds fun to interior design, but you must take into account some rules to escape from ornate ambiances. A good way to avoid this, is to choose a maximum of two or three prints, one of them must be the main one and it will be selected to be shown off in large pieces such as chairs or other furniture. The other two, however, are recommended to be used in smaller accessories such as vases, candle holders or cushions.

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1001 possibilities

The versatility of geometry when we decorate spaces is part of their success. For example, the Harmon chair will add a touch of sophistication into romantic spaces without losing the warmth and classic essence of this style, but it also fits perfectly into a nordic interior. The Danai model would also fit in a romantic house, where elegant forms are a must, as well as in a mid-century space, one of the most popular styles of this season. And what about Roxie chairs? Their simple shapes make the perfect match with modern and contemporary style, but could also dress an industrial ambiance.