Relax area: new seats and sofas

It’s our moment. We got home, we change our clothes and the first thing we think about is on getting comfortable on our couch or seat. It happens to all of us! At LaForma we know it, that’s why we present the new armchairs and sofas called OFF, PASSO armchairs and OPAL sofas. We introduce them to you!


Take a seat

Simplicity is an added value. If you don’t believe it take a look at OFF armchairs and sofas. Pure lines, angled legs and two colors available, light and dark gray, this models will become the kings in any living room. Its design makes it easily adaptable to any style, although the nordic airs make them feel good.


Game of thrones

The secret of PASSO seats is simple to understand: what happens when one of the admired retro classics is reinvented? Well, the result is a piece that can give personality and style to any space. Its quilted upholstery, rounded shapes, angled legs and the fact of being a wingchair are the main responsibles. But if it’s also dyed in colors like purple, military green, light blue or mustard, without forgetting light and dark gray, your sales success is assured. The mixture of colors is a must and, with any doubt, this piece is a great resource for a living room worthy of appearing on the best interior design magazines.


Sofa time

The prolific mid-century, this style born in the 50s, left an indelible imprint that continues inspiring designers and artists from around the world. OPAL sofas are born with the intention to update the style that represented a decade and has now returned to stay. Its discreet buttoned, its inclined legs and its elegance makes it the perfect companion to enjoy relaxing moments.