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Happy New Year 2015: Our purposes

This 2014 has been a great year, thanks to you all. We have been through exceptional moments and we have shared our passion best: offer the best furniture and decor to our customers.

It is for this reason that we want to thank all of this and more with our 10 aims to make 2015 an even better year:

1.      Choose achievable goals


“You must do the thing you think you cannot do” – BLAND picture frame

2.      Take control


”Live isn’t about finding yourself. Live is about creating yourself.” – COLONY picture frame

3.      Check your mantras


“Think positively, exercise daily, eat healthy, work hard, stay strong, worry less, dance more, love often, be happy” – ELVEN picture frame

4.      Have fun!


”Play hard. Have fun!“ – FOSTER picture frame

5.      Open your heart


”So many of my smiles begin with you” – GREEN picture frame

6.      Enjoy the little details


”Enjoy the little things” – KARLS picture frame

7.      Live life with music


”… let the music PLAY” – LYRIC picture frame

8.      Be open to alternatives


“When nothing goes right… Go left!” – SMAG picture frame

9.      Follow your dreams


“Sleep less and dream more” – SAKY picture frame

10. Search the answer in yourself


“If you want to be happy, be.” – SLAG picture frame



These are our purposes. And you, what is your mantra? And your favorite LaForma picture frame?


Happy New Year 2015!