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51ª edition Tocs de Flor, Sils

This past weekend, Sils celebrated its 51st edition of the flowers exhibition, known as “Tocs de Flor“, organizing the fair of Sant Ponç and the feast of Sant Isidre. The fair, who had the collaboration of thirty companies, took place in different streets and courtyards of the town and ended with workshops, music and dance.

More than 70 spaces were decorated with a common denominator: flowers. The event was attended by 32 shops decorating their windows for the occasion and there was the involvement of countless collaborators. Among them, Julià Grup, who incorporated relax spaces decorated with its unique design furniture and decoration.

In the Relax Zone designed by Julià Grup, two different environments were created: outdoor and indoor. Sofas, armchairs and other decorative elements formed this space where visitors could have a rest. Everyone who tried the furniture was amazed by the comfort of our furniture and took the opportunity to relax and energize to continue visiting the event