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Welcome to Julià Grup

At Julia Grup we design, develop and distribute modern furniture and sleeping systems. Founded in 1982, Julia Group works with the best retailers in the furniture business as well as with designers, architects and the major players in the contract business. With our international expansion, our goal is to provide a fast and reliable service worldwide without forgetting our focus on design, quality and sustainability.


Our teams in Europe and Asia consist of dynamic and highly professional individuals, who are constantly looking for ways to bring the best collections to our worldwide partners. Our teams are spread between our headquarters in Sils (Girona-Spain), our logistical centre in Fogars de la Selva (Barcelona-Spain), and our branch office in Shenzhen (China), as well as representative offices in all key UE markets as well as West Africa, Australia and Russia.


Customer focus

Respect in all our business dealings, customer focus, commitment, positivity and pro-activity are the fundamental values of our teams. In Julia Grup, honesty and trust in people are the basis of all our relationships. We try to be positive, find the best solutions and make things easy for our customers. Every day we strive with enthusiasm to build a better company and to achieve our ambitious goals.


Aware of the current world situation, Julia Grup strives to be a socially responsible company and collaborates with various NGO’s: Direct Aid (offering opportunities to children in Haiti), AHS (Humanitarian Solidarity Association) and the Lethe Foundation (Treatment and Crisis Prevention for Personality Disorders in Children).


Protecting the environment is everyone’s business and Julia Grup is no exception. The controlled cutting of trees, the use of recycled materials and the optimization of the energy costs are essential conditions for Julia Grup in all aspects of our business dealings.

JuliàGrup reports that all our products meet the condition of recyclability.



In  the middle of the consolidation of the European market, Julia Grup commercialize their products in Spain, Portugal, Andorra, France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Croatia, Slovakia and Lithuania, among others. And has worldwide presence in all continents: Australia, Russia, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, New Caledonia, Tahiti, Mali, French Guiana, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Senegal, etc.

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We have very strong ideas as to how a good furniture collection should look like, and that is why research and development is where it all begins at Julia Grup.

Our philosophy is to offer design products and ensure good value for money. Betting on new technologies and new materials are key to renew our collections quickly and efficiently. Very tight quality control, both during the design phase as well as during mass production are key in keeping quality standards at the current high level. This allows us to offer quality products with all the required guarantees.